Microphone not working with Zoom on Windows 11

//Microphone not working with Zoom on Windows 11

Microphone not working with Zoom on Windows 11

Microphone not working with Zoom on Windows 11

You can then click Camera from the sidebar and make sure your desired web browser and Zoom are checked. You’ll also want to make sure the box for the device’s microphone is checked. Participants on the other end of a zoom meeting might not hear you for a number of reasons. Some of these factors are outlined below.

  • Select Microphone from the left-hand menu and ensure that Zoom is checked.
  • If your phone is facing any problem due to a single application, then you can Go to Settings → Apps and Select that app then clear its data and cache.
  • Right-click on your driver & select Update Driver.
  • If corrupted system files were the cause of your microphone issue then it should now be fixed on your system.

My system displays NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IS INSTALLED. As a result of that,I can’t hear any sound again even when the video is playing. My problem in computer is audio driver and no install and update. Plz tell me this problem plz give me information on my ID. If you are using external speakers, it is a good idea to check them via another device, if they work there then the problem is not with the speakers themselves. When using a wireless microphone, other Bluetooth connections can interfere with the signal.

Enable Camera and Microphone in Meet (Mic and Video)

Check what problems the troubleshooter identifies and fix them according to given recommendations. Now, go back to the troubleshooter’s list and click on Recording Audio. The above cable will connect the TRRS headphone & mic combo to the dual audio jack of your PC. Don’t forget to check any wear and tear with the wire, there shouldn’t be a hardware problem. If you have a standalone mic then most probably it would have 3 pins. Disconnect all USB devices connected to the computer except a USB mouse and keyboard .

Thanks for reaching Microsoft Community and posting your concern here. Audio echo in a Zoom meeting has been common for most devices which have built-in microphone and speakers. Zoom video conferencing consumes a good deal of bandwidth. During a meeting, your device is transmitting a complex set of data packets to the receiving device, and vice versa. Slow internet causes poor quality video streaming, and buffering disconnection. This results in audio cutting in and out, and lagging video.

Method 13: Update Windows

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Check to see if your Zoom issues have been resolved now. 3) Tick Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting. 2) Select Small icons from the drop-down menu next to View by. 2) In the left pane, scroll down and click Microphone.

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