Selecting Secure Data Room Providers

//Selecting Secure Data Room Providers

Selecting Secure Data Room Providers

A virtual dataroom (VDR) allows individuals to securely share documents electronically without having to travel to a remote location. VDRs have replaced physical data rooms as well as document management software and other solutions that require scanning, printing, and storing of documents. Individuals can now review documents quickly and efficiently from any location in the world.

When selecting a dataroom service that is secure make sure you choose one that comes with security features and granular authorizations for documents and folders. These access controls are granular and reduce human error and prevent unauthorized manipulation of sensitive data. Also, select a provider that offers advanced branding for a custom login screen background, emails, backgrounds and white-labeled URLs to make your virtual data room more familiar and user-friendly.

Check their certifications to ensure that the company you choose to use exceeds industry standards for security and privacy. For instance, the top secure data room providers are HIPAA certified to ensure safe handling of protected health information and GDPR-certified, which means they meet European Union laws regarding personal data protection and transfer. Many of the secure data room providers also adhere to PCI DSS to shield payment card data from hackers.

Most data breaches occur as a result of user errors and a lack of strong security measures. If you choose a secure data room, you’ll decrease the risk of cyber-attacks and demonstrate to clients, partners and other others that you are committed to protecting your privacy. Choose a secure data room service that has complex passwords and requirements for change, inactivity timeouts, dual-factor authentication, IP restrictions, and granular document permissions.

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